Red Pewter Jerusalem Mezuzah

Red Pewter Jerusalem Mezuzah

12 cm / 5"

Product Description

Red pewter has a charm of its own. This Mezuzah case affixed in our home reminds us that the home of every Jew is in Jerusalem. Etched in the metal are pictures of Jerusalem and at the top is the Hebrew letter “shin” astride a swirling stone. Is this a hint to the stone that will start the rebuilding of Jerusalem?

This Mezuzah case is made in Israel and has a guarantee for ten years. It is attached to the doorpost either with two sided adhesive tape or by inserting screws in the holes at the top and bottom of the case.

Note: the size that is specified refers to the size of the Mezuzah scroll appropriate for this case. It does not refer to the height of the Mezuzah case which is approx. 1” larger.


SKU: ZB-701
Size: 12 cm / 5"
Made In Israel
Material: Pewter

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pleased with gift

As usual, the Mezuzah pleased the recipient very much. I was pleased with the fast delivery. Thank you!!

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